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Back and Neck Injury

Having a back and neck injury can affect every aspect of your life and insurance companies have a habit of doing their best to minimize the payout. They even accuse victims of faking the injury or downplay it in other ways. They claim that an injury didn’t result from the accident in question or that the treatment or surgery is not “reasonable and necessary.” In cases of auto accidents, the insurance company may even claim that if your vehicle is not significantly damaged, then you can’t be either. However, if you are suffering from this type of injury, you know how real chronic back pain can be.

In addition to vehicular accidents resulting in back and neck injuries, the workplace is another common place for an injury. Any activity that involves bending and twisting the body, this includes carrying, lifting and lowering items such as boxes, can cause back problems. Any physical activity that involves repetitive movements of the arms and shoulders, places a strain on the neck and shoulder area and can lead to neck injuries.

Some of the causes are fractured vertebrae, a ruptured disk, pinched nerves, whiplash and in extreme cases spinal cord injuries. Not all back and neck injuries are visible, and may not always be identified by an X-ray or an MRI. In many cases neck and back pain present themselves days or even weeks after the accident. At the law office of Carlos G. Galliani we help clients get additional scans and tests, and we work with medical professionals to document your level of pain, any loss of your range of motion and any other limitations you may now face as a result of your injury.

We prepare your personal injury case by finding witnesses and getting their testimony, providing expert testimony, determining fault and working to prove negligence. Your doctor will determine the type of long-term care you will need, and our job is to negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the financial resources to pay for that care. In cases of permanent injuries, we work to provide you the monetary support to receive continued care for the rest of your life.

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