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Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle can be an exhilarating experience and good exercise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much protection from vehicles and other hazards on the road.  If you have been struck by a motorist and have suffered as a result, you have the right to receive compensation.  Insurance providers tend to be hostile toward bicycle accident claims and often try to blame the bicyclist for the incident.

There are several things you should do following an accident.  See a doctor right away, even if you believe the injuries are minor, they could lead to more serious conditions such as soft tissue damage, internal organ failure or brain injury.  Second, hold on to everything.  Keep photos, receipts, doctor’s report, damaged bicycle and gear, etc.  Hold on to witness statements and contact information, and everything else related to the case. Third, get your own copy of the police report.  You can get it by contacting the law enforcement agency that prepared it or go to the Texas Department of Transportation online purchased site and get it that way.  Fourth, whatever you do, do not give a recorded statement or accept a settlement offer before contacting a lawyer.

It is in your best interest to contact the law office of Carlos G. Galliani as soon as you can.  We will review your case and tailor the defense strategy to your particular situation.  We will proceed with collecting evidence and forming the four key points to prove negligence on your behalf right away.  After reviewing your case, we will determine who should be held responsible for the emotional, physical and financial harm that was done to you.

Not all motorists respect bicyclist’s rights and safety, or they may just not see the bicycle rider.  Here are some of the more common causes of collisions.

  • Dangerous passing – Occurs when a motorist fails to leave a safe amount of space between their vehicle and the bicycle. As a result, the automobile may hit the bicyclist or run them off the road.

  • Left cross – Occurs when a vehicle and a bicycle approach an intersection and the motorist fails to yield the right of way and turns left onto the bicyclist’s path.

  • Right hook – Occurs when a vehicle turns right or performs a lane change onto the path of the bicycle headed in the same direction.  This could happen if the driver didn’t check their mirrors or blind spots before carrying out the maneuver.

  • Dooring – Occurs when a driver or their passengers open a car door without scanning for bicyclists.

  • Backup – Occurs when a vehicle backs out of their driveway or a parking spot without checking behind them.

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