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Vehicle Accidents

Always Take the Right Steps After Every Texas Vehicle Accident Although everyone feels nervous after an accident occurs, you must take certain steps to protect yourself — if you haven’t been knocked unconscious or sent off in an ambulance to obtain medical care. Once you’ve determined the level of your own injuries, look around and see how all of…


Dog Bite Injuries

Dallas Dog Bite Attorney Ready to Handle Your Lawsuit No matter how often you tell kids to never play with stray dogs, they still frequently reach out to pet them when they appear. Unfortunately, dogs are easily frightened and can misread a friendly child’s hand reaching over to pet them as a sign of aggression. Seconds later, the dog may bite and severely injure…


Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Facts & Safety Tips:  Share These with Your Children According to Safe Kids Worldwide, about 75% of American children ride bicycles every month. Although many of them obey general traffic rules, fewer than 60% of kids wear safety helmets. This is quite serious since bicycles are among the most dangerous consumer products children use regularly.  …

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