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Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are painful and can result in extensive and permanent damage to the skin and internal systems. These type of injuries can be traumatic and require surgeries, skin grafts, physical rehabilitation and counseling. Many times these accidents are preventable, and you have the right to receive compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

The three main types of burn injuries are thermal, chemical and electrical burns. With thermal burns, they are caused by contact with heat such as fire, steam, hot liquids, and hot objects. Thermal burns can be caused by defective products, car accidents, workplace accidents and general reckless behavior.

Electrical burns may not appear as serious on the surface of the skin because most of the damage is done under the skin. The amount of damage will depend on the type and strength of the current, the body part affected, the length of exposure and the moisture in the body. Common causes are faulty wiring and defective machinery.

There are numerous corrosive chemicals, such as hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, that can cause skin burns. Caustic chemicals can be found at construction sites, in agriculture, medical facilities, automotive centers and cosmetic facilities. These type of burns can cause excruciating pain and damage to the affected area; the eyes are particularly susceptible.

There are four degrees of burn injuries. First degree is the least serious, then a second degree, third degree is very serious, and fourth degree is the most severe. They are determined by the layers of skin that were affected. With 1st degree, they are superficial affecting the 1st layer of the skin. A sunburn that leaves a reddish color on the skin is a 1st-degree burn. Second degree burns penetrate to the second layer of skin and involve blisters. This type of burn is still considered mild unless it covers a large area of skin. Third degree burns are characterized by a leathery texture and no more pain because the nerve endings have been burned off. Fourth degree burns affect all layers of the skin, as well as joints, tendons and the bones; this type may appear charred.

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury, contact the law office of Carlos G. Galliani to discuss your options. Burn injuries can affect you the rest of your life, and you deserve someone to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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