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Construction and Industrial Accidents

Working on a construction site is dangerous. There are dozens, even hundreds of workers and heavy equipment bustling in close proximity under tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. These types of conditions make accidents inevitable. To make construction sites safer, the government has a series of laws in place under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which is a federal organization that falls under the Department of Labor. These laws have been put in place to provide a safe working environment and when the party in charge fails to follow them and workers get injured you have a basis for a lawsuit. Breaking an OSHA regulation meets the test of liability, who to hold responsible is a more complicated matter in construction and industrial accidents.

Generally speaking, the larger the construction project, the more parties can be held responsible. These lawsuits can become very complex because of the delegation of responsibility at the site. There is the construction company, a general contractor, sub-contractors, the owner, etc. We at the law office of Carlos G. Galliani thoroughly review your case and determine which party(s) are to be held responsible.

A construction site has the landowner who may or may not cede responsibility to the general contractor, thereby releasing them from some or all liability. A general contractor employs numerous sub-contractors, there are electricians, plumbers, steel workers, concrete workers, drywall workers and many others. Each one is responsible for their own area of the project, which includes them being responsible for hiring competent workers to do the job.

Before the workers appear on site, there are architects and engineers whose job it is to make sure that the structure itself meets all the construction standards and code requirements.

We have the knowledge and experience to sort through all the parties involved in a construction project and determine who is to be held responsible.

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